Radon could be source of health problems in Maine

Not could be, IS!!! If you have a drilled well and have not had your water properly tested for radon, uranium or arsenic, you are potentially at risk. And I stress “properly” because if you just fill up a jar and take it to a lab, hopefully the lab will turn turn you away because the sample wasn’t collected properly. This is what we do!! We are licensed in Maine to collect water and air samples for radon. We also can sample for lead, arsenic, uranium and many other contaminates that can exist in your drinking water. Call us today!

Radon could be source of health problems in Maine

PORTLAND (WGME) — For many people in Maine, radon can be a large problem.We have a lot of granite rocks in Maine so we have a high rate of radon in our homes and our well water, said Debra Violette, Chair of Free ME From Lung Cancer.Radon is the toxic che


Author: Phil Petroska

Phil is an ASHI Certified Inspector and has performed well over a thousand inspections in Maine and New Hampshire since 2001, doing business as North Country Home Inspections. Phil is a licensed assessor for Healthy Home Checkup™ and a State of Maine licensed radon air and water tester. In addition, he is well versed in sample collection techniques for lead, uranium, arsenic and other water borne contaminates