Consider Healthy Home Testing when:

  • there is a birth of a child or young children are present.
  • there is a member of the household being treated for an existing health issue or illness (asthma, allergies).
  • there is a member of the household having physical limitations or a handicap.
  • there is a member of the household having mobility issues or there is a disabled person moving into the home.
  • there is an elderly resident wishing to age in place or there is an elderly family member coming to live with their adult children.
  • upon completion of extensive home remodeling and renovation projects.
  • upon recovery after an event causing major structural damage (fire, flooding, windstorm).
  • listing a home for sale or rent.
  • purchasing or renting a home.

Author: Phil Petroska

Phil is an ASHI Certified Inspector and has performed well over a thousand inspections in Maine and New Hampshire since 2001, doing business as North Country Home Inspections. Phil is a licensed assessor for Healthy Home Checkup™ and a State of Maine licensed radon air and water tester. In addition, he is well versed in sample collection techniques for lead, uranium, arsenic and other water borne contaminates