What you don’t know can harm you

Quite simply, a “healthy home” supports and protects the health and safety of its occupants. Scientists now understand how our houses can harm us. A home should have no indoor pollutants, no dangerous chemicals, no radon hazards, and no physical safety or fire risks. Unfortunately, many American homes have moisture and ventilation problems; asthma and allergy triggers; chemical and toxic exposures; and fire, electrical, and tripping hazards. Sometimes, poor construction is at fault. More often, inadequate or deferred maintenance leads to hazards. Also, some homes pose challenges to occupants’ mobility, safety and independence as they age.

Consider Healthy Home Testing when:

  • there is a birth of a child or young children are present.
  • there is a member of the household being treated for an existing health issue or illness (asthma, allergies).
  • there is a member of the household having physical limitations or a handicap.
  • there is a member of the household having mobility issues or there is a disabled person moving into the home.
  • there is an elderly resident wishing to age in place or there is an elderly family member coming to live with their adult children.
  • upon completion of extensive home remodeling and renovation projects.
  • upon recovery after an event causing major structural damage (fire, flooding, windstorm).
  • listing a home for sale or rent.
  • purchasing or renting a home.